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How To Prevent Your Trained Cat From Scratching Your Brand New Furniture

Your trained cat probably already knows to stay away from your existing furniture, but new pieces of furniture are vulnerable to your cat's claws until you can train him or her to stay away. These tips will help you protect your new sofa or ottoman, or whatever piece of furniture you've recently purchased.

Cover the Furniture with Something Undesirable  

You probably already own a scratching post or two to keep your cat away from your old furniture, but when your new furniture is brought home, your cat may think your new furniture is a new scratching post. These tips will help you set apart your new furniture from the scratching post, making the new furniture an undesirable target.

  • Use citrus spray. Cats dislike citrus. Citrus spray is commercially available for application to furniture both upholstered and not. 
  • Wrap the furniture in foil. Foil will ward off most cats. Buy heavy duty aluminum foil and wrap your new furniture with a couple layers of it. Leave the new foil on the furniture for the breaking-in period while your cat is getting used to the new furniture. This amount of time will vary from cat to cat. When your cat seems to no longer notice the new piece of furniture, remove the foil while you're at home to test your cat's level of interest. Stay in the room with the furniture to watch your cat's behavior in its vicinity. If your cat seems disinterested in the furniture, you may be safe to leave the cat alone in the furniture.
  • Wrap the furniture in plastic wrap and double-sided tape. If your cat is undeterreed by foil, wrap the furniture in a few layers of plastic wrap, then cover that outer layer in double-sided packing tape. The plastic wrap will protect your furniture from the tape, and the tape will deter your cat from the furniture. 

Purchase Nail Covers

Vinyl nail covers are sold in some pet stores and online, and are considered to be a safe and painless alternative to declawing. Vinyl nail covers will prevent your cat from scratching anything. Different brands may last for different lengths of time, so check the nail covers periodically to ensure they're still effective. 

Keep Your Cat Entertained

Some cats scratch out of boredom or stress, so pay extra attention to your cat in the first few weeks while the furniture is new. This will help keep your cat's mind off of scratching and may also help relieve any stress your cat may be feeling.

After a while, your cat should be used to your new furniture, that you bought at a place like Carol's Design House, and scratching will no longer be a threat. Until that time, diligence and persistence will pay off in your effort to train your pet.