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Water With Wow: Using Sprinklers In Your Landscaping

Forget the old fashioned sprinklers that spray water from side to side in a monotonous fashion, and ignore the fancy sprinklers that pop up out of the ground at times intervals to squirt out water and then disappear. Instead think about watering in terms of sprinklers that add visual appeal and interest to your lawn. Here are some ways sprinklers can double as a water feature in your yard. 

Flowing Fountains

Add moisture to dirt in small flower beds or sections of your garden by installing a fountain. Choose a peeing putto, a spitting animal or just a decorative piece of artwork to add a unique element to your lawn while also providing water to your plants. Simply install the fountain without the basin, and allow the water to flow into the dirt instead. 

Overflowing Pools

Place small round or rectangular shaped metal or concrete basins in an evenly spaced row along your yard to create a sleek, modern look. Each miniature pool should have water flowing into it from the bottom so that it spills out the top and soaks into the soil around it. 

You can also use one larger, shallow pool in garden areas. Sunlight reflecting on the water is stunning. 

Shooting Water Streams

Create beauty with streams of water that shoot across your lawn in a complicated pattern. Streams can get smaller and larger and can even cross each other. Use ten or more streams and play music out of speakers for your own personal water ballet. You can even get creative and color your water for holidays and events. 

Rain Showers

Get soft, romantic rain in any weather with a rain shower feature. Install tall fixtures from the ground, or mount them on your house or trees to send the rain down onto your lawn. This is a great way to spread water across an entire lawn rather than just in one small section. You will be able to enjoy a walk in the rain any time you want. 

Water Playground

Take a tip from urban areas across the nation, and install your own water playground. All you need is small pipes that come up out of the ground and intermittently spray water. Installing various sizes creates an artistic look, and kids will love to use it as a play area in warm weather. Take it a step further by adding colorful sculptures that appeal to kids. 

Sprinklers don't have to be boring. Use your imagination to design a water feature for your lawn that will look great and water your plants at the same time.