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Tips For Attracting Birds And Butterflies To Your Property

If you enjoy watching birds and butterflies in your garden, there are some ways to lure them to visit your property. Depending on the time of year and types of birds in the region, you can bring more flying friends to your home with the right type of seed, and a warm welcome. Butterflies bring a beautiful spot of color to your property, and can be very relaxing to watch. Some tips for bringing birds and butterflies to your yard are:


The best way to lure birds to your birdbath is to let them hear the sound of the water, and this can be achieved with even the most simple drip or splash. You can buy a fixture to attach to your garden hose that will provide a gentle supply of water, and that makes a steady splashing sound to attract flying visitors. Add some stones to the basin of the birdbath to provide additional perches for birds to sit and bathe on.

Bird feeders

The types of birds you want to attract, as well as the kind that typically frequent your neighborhood, determine the types of birdseed and feeders that you should use. Some seeds, such as thistle, are quite fine and require a special feeder. Bluebirds prefer this type of seed. Others prefer food that isn't actually seeds at all, such as hummingbird feeders, which typically hold water for these tiny birds.

Berries and Fruits

When you plant the right plants, the kind that birds like, you will increase the odds of them stopping by for a snack. This also eliminates pesky squirrels from trying to eat the seed that you leave for them in feeders. Try berries and fruits, such as holly and dogwood.

Warm Stones

The best way to welcome butterflies to your property is to provide a warm spot for them to rest, and water for them to enjoy. Butterflies like to rest low to the ground, so place a couple large, flat stones in a sunny spot to warm in the sun. Butterflies will enjoy perching on these warm rocks, while enjoying water provided in shallow bowls, sunk into the ground.

It is very relaxing and calming to watch birds and butterflies flutter around your yard. With the right shelter, food, and foliage, birds will be drawn to your garden and butterflies will be in abundance. You may find that this provides an entirely new appreciation for your lawn and garden!