Customizing Your Furniture

4 Fun Ideas For Turning Your Patio Into An Outdoor Room

If you are getting your patio ready for summer entertaining, why not take some time to turn it into an outdoor room? When you add a patio cover or roof over your patio, it becomes quite easy to transition from boring patio to outdoor oasis in a matter of hours. Here are some ideas you may want to consider:

Island Hideaway

One great way to enhance your patio is to turn it into a tropical hideaway in your own yard. This is especially nice if you have a pool but still wonderful even if you don't. Install some weatherproof curtains on the open sides of the patio and place some potted palms around the patio. Also, find some lounge chairs, fluffy pillows, and colorful tables for evening outdoor meals. Add in some candles and seashells for decorations and you are all set!

Tuscan Wine Country

Another fun idea is to turn your patio into a beautiful winery.  If you are a fan of good wine, why not pay tribute to that in your home? One really nice thing you can do is install lattice on either side of the open parts of the patio and plant grape vines under them. Over time, the vines will grown and wind in between the lattice. You can decorate with wrought iron furniture, wine bottles, and Tuscan colored accents.

 Wild West

If you love the old west, you can translate that to your patio. Place a natural wooded patio set in the center of the patio, then accent the area with lanterns and Holstein-patterned throw pillows. Red bandanas and longhorn artwork are also great additions to a western motif. You may also want to install a fire pit on the patio to have campfires on chilly evenings.

Spa at Home

Who wouldn't love to have their own spa in their own backyard? Under your covered patio, place comfortable chaise lounges with comfortable pillows in soft colors. Put a water feature on the patio to provide soothing sounds for your spa. Install a ceiling fan to keep the area nice and cool. Don't forget to place cool drink stations nearby.

Turning your backyard into a fun themed outdoor room can be a great project for any homeowner. It can be a wonderful addition to your home. If you need help with installing a patio cover, contact a specialist like With help from these tips and a professional, you'll have your outdoor oasis ready for summer.