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Five Reasons To Go Soft On Your Hard Water

If you're a bit ashamed of the etched, foggy glasses that you pull from your dishwasher on a daily basis, or if hard-water stains and residue have you scrubbing tile night and day, it may be time to consider investing in a water-softening system. Hard water is a problem that causes major issues for homeowners when pipes and tubing become clogged with mineral deposits. Help protect your plumbing and major appliances by softening your water. The benefits of soft water far outweigh the minimal costs of making this simple upgrade:

  • Soft water makes showers much more enjoyable. If you've ever wondered why you can't seem to find a soap or shampoo product that lathers up like it should, blame your water. Hard water that's high in calcium and magnesium ions cause a reaction in soap that prevents lather. Want a nice, soapy shower? Soften your water. 
  • Soft water may help extend the life of your major appliances. Mineral deposits inside the tubing of your washing machine and dishwasher shorten its life by reducing the flow of water. Adding a water softener can help protect you from the early demise of expensive appliances. 
  • Soft water contributes to strong water pressure. Just as mineral deposits from hard water can form inside the tubing of appliances, it can also form inside your water pipes, affecting the flow of water to your sinks, tubs, and showers. Adding a water softener can help reduce the calcification of pipes. 
  • Soft water can even save you money. According to a Battelle Institute study on the benefits of hard-water removal, homeowners who use instantaneous gas water heaters can experience significant savings by softening their water. Softening water reduces the scaling properties and leads to fewer water heater cleanings.
  • Soft water makes household chores much easier. The same reaction in hard water that causes soap not to lather, also make cleaning products less effective. If you have hard water, expect to scrub harder and more frequently to achieve the same level of clean you would have if your water was softer.

Installing a water softening system from a supplier like Dupage Water Conditioning is an easy and economical alternative to living with hard water. A water-softening system will increase the efficiency of your water heater by preventing lime scale from forming. In addition, you'll experience all the other benefits that having soft water provides. Talk to a service technician today about installing your own water-softening system.