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Surveyors Stop Border Disputes

Fights over borders have bathed the world in blood. Neighboring nations have erupted in wars, and neighbors themselves have fought over nothing more than a few feet. For thousands of years, people have seen the importance of correctly and accurately mapping out boundaries to avoid problems. Over the years, the instruments that surveyors use have gotten more accurate. These advancements have helped to avoid border disputes, but that does not mean that all borders are accurate. If you have a question about the borders to a piece of property that you own or you want to buy, you can call a surveyor to help you makes sense of it. 

New Parcels of Land

When you buy a new parcel of land, you should always call a surveyor in to help you make sense of your lot. When the original surveyor maps out the parcels, he leaves stakes behind to mark the corners of the property. These stakes can get moved, bent, buried, or simply misinterpreted. If you build a fence on the wrong boundary—even if you are only off by a couple of inches—you can end up being forced to tear the fence down if one of your neighbors finds out that your fence is on their land. Thus, to avoid wasted money, materials, and effort, you should hire a land surveyor to check the boundaries of your land before you do anything with it. 

Buying a Lot with an Existing Home

Just because you buy an established home doesn't mean that the borders of your property are what they should be. It could be that previous owners to the property were less vigilant with boundaries than they should have been. For example, a previous owner might have allowed someone to use part of the property for their own purposes. This can make your plot smaller than it should be. A surveyor can help you to know the true boundaries of your property and what, if anything, can be done to regain any parts of your land that have been lost over time. Calling in a surveyor before you make a purchase can help you to sort out border disputes before you make a purchase.

Surveyors, like Krause & Gantzer, play an important role in keeping the peace in communities. They help people stay within their bounds, and when people know where they belong, they can live in peace with their neighbors.