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Attractive Window Treatments For Your Dining Room

Your dining room is more than just a place for eating. Traditionally, dining rooms are spaces for gathering the family or entertaining. Odds are that your dining room has its own style that complements your home and your lifestyle. Choose the window treatments that best match your dining room's design.

Formal Dining Room

If your home features a formal dining room, keep the look going with a full window treatment. This includes drapes topped by a tailored valance. For the most formal effect, opt for heavier materials and muted colors. However, you can lighten up the formality by selecting linen drapes or gathered window panels.

Family Affair

Sometimes the dining room is the family gathering place. Roman shades work well in a family-style dining room because of their versatility. They are visibly smooth when closed but stack up like vertical blinds when you open them. They are available in a wide variety of colors and patterns, making them as attractive as they are useful for blocking out the sunlight.

Casual Dining

Roman shades work well for casual dining rooms as well. However, swags are another option. Swags also come in various colors and patterns. They can casually drape across the top of a window or serve as an accompaniment to blinds or curtain panels. If you have a pair of side-by-side windows, Better Homes and Gardens suggests hanging the shades asymmetrically to unify the space.

Traditional Style

For a traditional style dining room that's not quite formal, consider plantation blinds. The blinds feature slats that are wider than regular blinds. Typically constructed of wood, plantation blinds are ordered to fit your window perfectly, giving them a tailored look. Plantation blinds come in a variety of finishes to match your décor.

Modern Urban

If you have a city-style dining room with sleek furniture and a bold color palette, there are a couple options for window treatments. One is to stay bold with curtain panels in stark, geometric patterns. This works especially well for big windows. The other stylish option is hanging bamboo blinds. Bamboo blinds channel Asian simplicity in design, which complements modern urban style.

Eclectic Charm

Are you not sure your dining room has a specific style? It's probably rife with eclectic charm, then. In that case, keep the charm going with funky window treatments such as balloon shades or puddling drapes. Balloon shades are similar to Roman shades except they feature an excess of fabric that balloons out when you open them. Puddling drapes also feature an excess of fabric, in this case just at the bottom to create a flowy puddle at the floor.

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