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6 Tips For Better Flower Arrangements

Flower arrangements brighten any room. They make stunning centerpieces for your dining room table and liven up any outdoor event. Flower arrangements are also tricky to get just right, especially if you're just starting this hobby. Here are six tips for better flower arrangements: 

1. Regulate water temperature

Flowers need water to thrive and keep their beauty. Did you know that water temperature makes a difference with your flower arrangements? If you have flower heads that won't open, sit them in warm water for a day. The heat will encourage the flower to bloom.

2. Support heavy flowers

Top-heavy flowers such as hydrangeas, dahlias, and lilies need support if you want them to look their best. If you use these flowers in a pot arrangement they will sag and shift due to their weight. To counteract this, create a grid over the mouth of the bowl, pot, or vase using clear tape. Insert only one flower into each opening.

3. Use cooking spray

Cooking spray prevents flowers from losing water by essentially clogging the pores, or stomata, of the plant. Cooking spray also has the additional benefit of giving the flowers a healthy sheen. Simply stand back about a foot and give each flower a quick spray.

4. Float your blooms   

If you're bored with traditional arrangements, think simple and elegant. A single rose head floating on top of water in a teacup adds romance to any candlelight dinner. Bigger blooms look stunning when floating in a large bowl. You can also create interesting arrangements by floating blooms from different flowers in one bowl. Use a clear, glass bowl and place colored rocks or marbles on the bottom. Fill the bowl with water and place the blooms of your choice on top.

5. Make it simple

The best trick for creating beautiful flower arrangements is simplicity. Use only two or three types of flowers for your arrangement. Use branches and foliage to fill the rest of the space. It's tempting to overcrowd the container, especially if you're a beginner, but leave room between each flower. An overcrowded arrangement detracts from the individual beauty of each flower.

6. Consider color

When using only two types of flowers, choose flowers with colors that complement each other. For this, you will have to use a color wheel. Choosing colors on the opposite sides of the color wheel will make the colors of your arrangement pop when paired together. When making an arrangement using red roses, it's best to make the roses the focal point and use only green foliage to help the roses pop. You can also pair daylilies with lilacs since the purple and yellow are complementary.

These six tips will make your next flower arrangement beautiful. For further assistance, contact a local outlet, such as Fasan Florist.