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How To Use A Mouse Trap Topped With Peanut Butter

If you've never had to deal with mice in your house before and don't know how to get rid of them, you can use mouse traps to rid your house of the little creatures. You need to use the right type of bait to catch a mouse, and need to set the traps in certain locations to effectively catch mice. Here is how to use peanut butter as bait and where you should place the traps to rid your house of mice.

The Bait

Many people think cheese is the best bait to use to lure a mouse to your trap, but you are better off using peanut butter.  Just like how peanut butter can stick to the roof of your mouth, it will also stick to the metal plate on a trap. 

How to Place Bait

Mice are crafty and quick, and they can steal the peanut butter off of a trap if you don't place it on correctly. You need to make sure to put some of the peanut butter under the metal plate. This way, when the mouse eats the peanut butter, it has to nudge the plate with its nose to get at the peanut butter under the plate.

The nudging causes the hold-down bar to slip out of the metal plate so the hammer can come down on the mouse.  If you only put peanut butter on top of the plate, the mouse has the ability to gently eat it without causing the hold-down bar to move – thus, the trap won't get activated.

Placement of Trap          

You need to take a little time to find out where the mice are entering your home and what path they are taking to find food in your house. Mice typically enter through openings along the foundation – especially the openings made for water and gas pipes.

Look under the kitchen and bathroom sinks for mice droppings. If you see some (especially if there's a lot), you know mice are coming in there. You should also look for droppings around the house, especially in the kitchen.

Place the traps near their entry points, and along the walls behind furniture between the entry points and where they go to find food. Mice like to run along the walls to their food sources to avoid detection, and they will feel safer stopping at a trap behind furniture since those locations are not in the open and the mouse will think its hidden from the view of predators.

Keep on resetting the traps until you stop catching mice, or contact a pest control company.