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Tips For Choosing A Pool Fence

The right fence is a must if you have a swimming pool. The Consumer Product Safety Commission recommends fences are at least 4 feet and preferably 5 feet tall, although some local building codes may have different recommendations. Height is one of the main fence features to look for when fencing in a pool so that you can avoid accidental drowning, but there are also other features to consider. This guide can help. 

Cut Down on Scalability

The location of a fence can be just as important when you are concerned about pool safety. In general, the fence should not be located near any low or easy-to-climb buildings or landscape features. In other words, don't create a boulder sculpture right next to the fence, since this can be used to scale the fence. If you opt for the lowest fence allowable in you area, you should also make sure no patio furniture or other easily moved objects are kept where a child can push them up to a fence to climb over.

Be Style Conscious

Style is also an important consideration since height alone isn't enough to keep someone out of your pool. Smooth fence designs are harder to climb. For this reason, a vinyl panel fence is an excellent choice in pool fencing, since the panels are smooth with no foot or hand holds. Choose solid panel styles since these have no space between pickets for a child to squeeze through. The fence also has to be installed low enough on the pain posts so that no one can squeeze beneath the fence.

Pick Your Gate Keeper

The gate is just as important as the fencing material. Always pick a gate with a self-closing and latching mechanism so it is never accidentally left open. The latch and release mechanism also need to be at the top of the gate – not low enough for a child to reach. An even better option is to put the latch on the pool side of the gate so that one has to reach over to unlatch it. Pick a gate of similar design and materials as the main fence. For example, if you opt for vinyl fencing, a smooth panel design vinyl gate is also an excellent option. There are pool alarms available that both monitor the pool itself and the gate, so it is a good idea to install one of these on the gate for added security.

Contact a local fencing company (such as Paradise Fencing) to see the options available in pool fencing so you can find the safest and best-looking fence for your needs.