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One More Reason To Get Aluminum Awnings: Hail

If you are a homeowner or property owner in an area that is prone to hailstorms, especially the occasional storm with severe, massive hail, you know how depressing it can be to have to clean up broken glass and replace windows. You can't be home all the time to put up boards across the windows or your patio door, either. But something you can do is install metal awnings across your back patio and over windows. While not perfect, metal awnings may be able to help save your windows in some cases, not to mention provide a number of other benefits. Here's a look at how those awnings can help preserve your home.

Extra Defense

Aluminum awnings are, obviously, a lot stiffer and thicker than canvas or vinyl. If large hail hits your neighborhood, it can tear past canvas and vinyl -- it might not tear through the material, but the force of the hailstone hitting the material can cause it to break away from the awning's frame, allowing other hail through. A large, heavy hailstone can certainly dent aluminum and other metals, but it's less likely to blast through the materials and allow other hailstones to hit the house.

The result is a dented awning but intact window or patio door, plus anything else under the awning is protected as well. While that does mean the awning might need work, you're not going to have broken glass all over the place. And if you've ever had broken glass all over the place, you know that shards of glass keep showing up for weeks, if not months, afterward.

Large vs. Small Hail

Hail is often smaller or moderately sized, rather than catastrophic. While major hailstorms aren't unheard of each year, they don't hit the same place over and over again. So you're likely to encounter small hail that doesn't damage the awning, or moderate hail that maybe leaves a few small dents. The big storms, the ones that ruin the awnings, aren't as common when you look at a specific place's history. That means that you're likely not going to have to keep replacing the awnings several times per year. However, even a moderate hailstorm can break windows.

Aluminum awnings are a lot more protective than leaving the windows and patio doors to your home unprotected. If you'd like to see styles, contact awning dealers like Allied Awning in the area and find out which brands can be partially replaced or repaired easily in case of dents from hail.