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Summer's Here! 3 Steps To Protect Your Lawn During Outdoor Activities

Summer is just about here, which means it's about time to start planning the backyard festivities. Unfortunately, those activities can wreak havoc on your lawn, especially if you're expecting a lot of foot traffic. Luckily, there are ways that you can throw an awesome backyard bash and protect your lawn at the same time. Here are three tips that will help protect your lawn during your backyard parties.

Let Things Dry Out

If you were planning on watering your lawn on the day of your backyard party, you should change your plans. Watering your lawn before your guests arrive can actually harm your lawn – even if you water earlier in the day. Wet or damp soil can allow chairs and even feet to sink into the lawn – which can damage delicate root systems. To protect your lawn, water your lawn a day or two before the party and then allow it to dry out until after your guests go home.

Take Care of Weeds Early

You want to make sure that your lawn is weed-free when your guests arrive. However, to protect your lawn – and your guests – you should make sure you take care of the weed problem several days before the festivities. Here's why you want to avoid tackling the weeds right before your guests arrive.

Guest Safety

If you've used weed killer, you need to wait at least 24 hours before you allow anyone back on your lawn. This is particularly true if you plan on having children at your festivities.

Lawn Safety

Whenever you pull weeds out by hand, you expose your lawn's root system. If you're planning on picking the weeds out by hand, those small holes left behind could cause damage to your lawn, especially with the increased foot traffic.

Move the Picnic Tables

If you're going to be setting tables up in your yard for dining purposes, you might want to keep them off the lawn – if possible. When people scoot their chairs to either sit down or leave the table, their chairs will scrape along the lawn. This increased movement can destroy your lawn. To prevent damage, move your dining area off the lawn.

You want to entertain guests outside this summer. You also want to protect your lawn, as much as possible. Use the tips provided here to protect your lawn while you host your outdoor activities. For other information on how to protect your lawn, be sure to speak to Mighty Green Lawn Care or another lawn care expert.