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2 Landscape Features That Are Perfect for Winter Use

While you are likely going to be spending a great deal of time in your yard during the summer months, this doesn't mean that you aren't going to be using the yard to some degree during the winter time as well. This is going to be especially true if you have certain landscape features in your backyard that make it more fun and functional for the winter time. These features are generally going to be used for both winter and summer and can provide a great deal of enjoyment for you and your family. This article will discuss two landscape features that are perfect for winter use. 

A Fire Pit 

Having a fire pit incorporated into your landscape design is an excellent idea because it is something that can not only be used during the summer months for things like roasting marshmallows and hot dogs but can also be used in the winter as well. A fire is a great source of heat if you want to enjoy a chilly evening or day outside, and a fire can warm your hands in no time at all. This is great if you are outside moving snow or playing in the snow. The fire pit can also be used in the winter to help provide more light in the evenings, especially since it starts getting dark so much earlier in the day. As an added bonus, a fire pit is also a beautiful feature to add to your landscape design and can be customized with different kinds of rocks, stones, bricks, and so forth. 

A Pond

A pond is another great feature that can be useful to you in the wintertime as well. While the pond will be used for watching the beautiful fish and other creatures during the summer time, it will actually freeze over during the winter and create the perfect sheet of ice. When this freeze happens, you can then use the pond for a variety of fun winter activities. It will be perfect for you and your family to play a fun family game of hockey or to work on your ice-skating skills. Also, if your kids are involved in either of these sports competitively, they will be able to practice their skills right at home. You are just going to want to make sure that the pond is frozen deep enough so that you avoid any accidents happening with ice breaking and having someone fall into the water.