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Did You Move Into A New House But Sense Water Problems? What To Do

If you have purchased a home but you think that the water isn't great, you want to get the water tested to see if minerals or toxins are a problem. If you notice that the water doesn't taste great, that there are odors, or that there are other concerns, a water treatment company can come do a quick test of the water that comes out of your tap. There could be a lot of issues from the area where you get water, and even with the plumbing throughout the problem. Here are some signs that you have bad water that you may be missing.

Stained Clothes

Are you noticing that your whites are getting dingy and turning cream or yellow, or that your dark colors are fading significantly? If so, this can often be the result of hard water, or water that needs to be softened and treated because it has too many chemicals. Look at the fabrics that go through the wash at your home to see if they are affected.

Skin Irritations

Is your skin starting to dry out and you notice that it is constantly irritated, but you never had that problem before moving into the property? If so, you could be having a reaction to the chemicals or minerals that are in the water, or there could be a buildup of bacteria and minerals or toxins in the pipes or fixtures.

Rusty Fixtures

If the shower heads, faucets for all of the sinks, and even the appliances have some rust and staining or discoloration, this could be from the water that passes through. You don't want this water to cause corroding and other problems with the hardware around your home, so take the time to replace the fixtures after you have the water tested and then treated.

A new water softening and purification system may do wonders around your home. With this system attached at the place where water enters your house to serve the rest of the property, you won't have to worry about bad water coming out of the shower or the faucet. Talk with a water treatment company, such as Johnson Water Conditioning, to find out how often you need to have the water treatment system serviced in your home, and how often you should have your water treated at the property. There are a lot of hazards that can live in your water, so get to the bottom of the problem as soon as you have concerns.