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3 Dining Tables You Should Own Throughout Your Life, And Why

Every season of life brings it's own unique challenges, especially if you are making your way through school, living in smaller spaces, and having kids. Fortunately, by selecting the right dining room table, you can make mealtime a little easier, while saving valuable space and creating a beautiful home. Here are three dining tables you should own throughout your life and why.  

1. Fold-Down Dining Tables

From small apartments to condos where space is a hot commodity, it is important to know how to preserve space but still have somewhere to sit or hang out. One of the best ways to proceed, especially in areas like eat-in kitchens or tight dining spaces, is by getting a fold-down dining room table. 

Fold-down dining room tables can be mounted directly to the wall, and are designed to fold up out and stay out of the way most of the time, and then fold out for quick access when you really need them. Fold-down tables are typically made from wood, but can also be made of metal. Designed to look sleek and stay out of the way, fold-down tables aren't usually heavily ornamental but are very functional. 

2. Glass Dining Tables

When you have graduated from fold-down tables but you want something that maximizes your floor space, consider a new glass dining table. Glass dining tables are beautiful, sleek, and open up the room since you can see right through them.

Glass tables are perfect when paired with decorative dining chairs, a beautiful accent rug, and a few prepared place settings since they allow the room to show off, instead of the table. 

3. Farmhouse Wooden Tables

When space is no longer an issue but finding places for people to sit is, go with the wooden farmhouse dining table. Designed to be long, functional, and incredibly sturdy, farmhouse tables are typically paired with a few side benches and a few nice chairs at the heads of the table. 

Farmhouse wooden tables add character and interest to the space, while giving everyone a great place to sit. Benches can seat a person every 18 inches or so, making them perfect for large families or people who love to entertain. 

If you need a brand new dining room table and aren't sure where to start, visit a furniture store, such as Nick's Furniture, in your area, and don't be afraid to strike up a conversation with a sales professional. The right team can quickly and easily determine what the right dining room table is for your individual lifestyle and help you to find what you are looking for within your price range.