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A Guide to Sod Installation for Your Lawn

Sod is a big part of this industry that allows people the chance to invest in their lawn and garden so that your grass looks amazing and gets all of the nutrients that you need. When you're interested in improving your lawn to the fullest, investing in sod is a great way to handle it. Check out the following tips below so that you can invest in sod installation that'll be best for your yard. 

1. What exactly is sod and why is it helpful to your lawn?

Sod refers to a manufactured live set of grass that is installed on your lawn in a way that is neat, organized, and ready to grow. Layers are of pre-planted grass seed and dirt are held together by materials, and neatly installed in rows to create a lawn. From there, you can use the lawn how you normally would while the grass grows. 

Installing sod is the most instant way to get your yard up and going, and doesn't require you to put in the labor and heavy lifting on your own. Using sod also reduces the number of greenhouse gases that your lawn emits, and improves its ability to absorb carbon dioxide. These lawns will blossom over the next year and a half with fresh seeds that are already fertilized and at their best. 

2. Are you prepared to work with a sod installer to get the job done?

Now that you have a better idea about why sod is an excellent installation, it's time to reach out to lawn and garden professionals that specialize in this service. Make sure to find out what types of grass they can grow for you, and how much material and labor will go into neatly installing and arranging the fresh sod. After you've found a few different lawn pros that are familiar with this operation, be sure that you get some price estimates from quality sod experts so that they can handle the work for you quickly and correctly. 

The cost for laying down sod will depend on what you're looking for and the nature of the project. Just book an appointment and make sure to also add a lawn care package to it that will help you get the best results from your sod. 

Start here and reach out to professionals for more info on your options. They can offer more personalized guidance.