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Benefits of Having a Melamine Dining Table

When you shop for a new dining table, you might immediately think about buying a wooden piece of furniture. While it's true that a lot of dining tables are made of wood, you can expect to see other options when you visit a furniture store that carries a large inventory of dining room furniture. One product that you'll often see is a melamine dining table. Melamine is a synthetic material that is highly versatile; there's a good chance that you own various items in your home that are made of melamine. If you're considering buying a melamine dining table, here are some benefits of doing so.

Resistant To Damage

Perhaps the biggest advantage of a melamine dining table is that this material is highly durable, making it resistant to damage. A wooden dining table can sustain various types of damage through regular use. For example, if a family member drops a heavy glass salt or pepper shaker, it may leave a small dent on the surface of the table. Over time, a wooden table can develop several marks of this nature. The durable quality of melamine means that even years after you buy it, your dining table can have a like-new appearance.

Light To Move

You may also appreciate having a melamine dining table because this material is light in weight compared to other furniture materials. For example, if you were to buy a dining table made of wood and/or metal, its weight would be significant — particularly if it were a large table that could accommodate a number of people. Having a lightweight dining table is handy if you're the type of person who expects to move it frequently. Whether you move it out of the way when you vacuum the dining room or you expect to occasionally relocate the table so that you can use the dining room for another purpose, you'll appreciate the lightweight nature of melamine.


You'll often find that melamine furniture, including dining tables, is priced more affordably than products made of solid wood. Think of the budget that you have for your dining table purchase, and remember that if you're buying a new table, you may also need to shop for chairs and other dining room furniture. Depending on your budget, you may find a melamine table is the best option for you. Visit a furniture store in your area to check out its melamine dining tables for sale.