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3 Benefits Of A Raised Deck

When you picture a residential deck, you might think of a structure that sits just a foot or so off the ground. Many decks are only slightly above the ground, but there are other structures that are higher. One option is a raised deck, which is a term that describes a deck that sits on long posts that elevate it. The design of your home will largely influence whether a raised deck is possible. For example, if the home sits on a high foundation that positions the ground floor several feet above the yard, a raised deck can be feasible. Here are three benefits of a raised deck.

Storage Space Below

A lot of homeowners like raised decks because of the large amount of storage space below the deck. A deck that sits close to the ground won't provide much storage space — if any. However, when the deck is a few feet off the ground, you'll be able to store all sorts of things in this sheltered area. Doing so will help you to reduce clutter in your garage or garden shed, making these spaces feel tidy and organized. For example, you can place outdoor furniture beneath the deck during the winter, rather than stack the furniture in your garage.

Better View

The higher the deck, the better the view that it will typically offer. Depending on the type of yard you have, you might find that a raised deck will allow you to better see the sights in the distance. In the case of a home along the water, you'll have a better view of the water on a raised deck compared to a low deck. If there's an area within sight of your home that you want to enjoy being able to clearly see from your deck, you'll want to consider a raised deck.

More Private

In some cases, a raised deck will provide more feelings of privacy than a lower deck. Consider your proximity to your neighbors, especially if they have decks outside of their homes. If a next-door neighbor has a ground-level deck, and you build a ground-level deck, they'll be able to easily see you when you're relaxing outdoors. If you position this structure several feet higher, however, the neighbors won't have a good angle to clearly see you. For homeowners who value their privacy, a raised deck can be an idea to explore. Contact a professional deck builder in your area to discuss a raised deck.